Dr Rigas Santas


Dr. Rigas Con. Santas graduated from the 2nd High School of Thessaloniki (1993). He studied medicine at the Masaryk University of Medicine in Brno in the Czech Republic and at the Medical Faculty of Ovidius University in Constanta, Romania. Fulfilled his rural service in regional clinics of Strimonohori and Haropos (Sidirokastro Health Center and Iraklia Serres Health Center).

He attended General Surgery in General Hospital of Thessaloniki “Agios Pavlos” under the direction of General Consultant Surgeon Dr. Theodore Drizis. He served as a trainee doctor for two years in the Orthopaedic Clinic of  G. H. of Serres and completed his specialty in G. H. of Thessaloniki “Agios Pavlos” which is a special center of “Sports Injuries” with Dr. St. Papastergiou (Head of the department of sports injuries) and his team of excellent and experienced Special Orthopaedic Surgeons for Orthopaedic Traumatology and Adult Reconstructive Surgery.

The physician has attended many conferences in Greece and abroad, including the Advanced Principles of Fracture Management (AO Foundation Davos) in Davos Switzerland and the Training Course on locking Nailing Techniques (OTC Foundation AIOD Strasbourg) under the auspices of Dr. Taglang in Strasbourg, France. He has specialized in Adult Reconstructive Surgery, in Arthroscopic Surgery and in Orthopaedics Traumatology.


The physician is an orthopaedic surgeon partner of BIOCLINIC Thessaloniki, Geniki Clinic, the clinic of “Agios Loukas”, scientific coordinator of the unit Bioiatriki Thessaloniki and of the insurance company MetLife Alico.

He was a doctor in major sports including football, basketball, volleyball, taekwondo, skiing and motorsports.

He is a consultant orthopaedic for Basketball Association “Icarus” of Serres and served as Physician of the basketball team of Iraklis Thessaloniki in the period 2011-2014.

Since 2004 he is member of the Sports Medicine Association of Northern Greece and the Orthopaedic Society of Macedonia-Thrace OTEMATH.

He has made several publications in Greek and foreign scientific journals.

Since February 2013 he retains Clinic in Serres, at Plateia Eleftherias upon the roads Selefcou and Stavridou 2.


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